Rekha Maker

Rekha Maker is an Architect based in Glasgow. In a world where mass-produced homeware is ubiquitous and we are trying to mitigate throwaway culture, it is important to put a human spin on design. I hope that customers can feel the love and care that has been put into making the pieces and is something that would sit as a timeless object in the home, rather than just a trend.

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  • Rekha Maker at the London Design Festival 2021

    London Design Festival 2021

    Rekha Maker was delighted to be selected to exhibit at prestigious venue of The Royal Exchange Maker's Market this year for the London Design Festival.


    Rekha Maker was featured on iplayer for her part in designing the Scottish Album of the Year award 2020. Watch it here.

  • Rekha Maker was featured on Collagerie


    Tastemaker website Collagerie have featured the MINIMAL candleholder as one of their most desired homeware pieces to buy. Read more here.

  • 1. Pouring and Curing

    All the pieces are poured into bespoke moulds made by Rekha. Pigments are mixed together to make unique colour combinations.

  • 2. Sanding and Polishing

    After curing, all the pieces are wet-sanded with high grade sandpaper until polished smooth like stone.

  • 3. Sealing

    Everything is sealed with a natural wax to repel water and wax. This will keep your piece looking amazing all year round! Any object deemed not fit for sale, gets crushed up and reused in new designs.

Sustainable Packaging

Green REAL Marble Candle Holder