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Rekha Maker

ARD Bakery x Rekha Maker Chocolate Box

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Chocolatier, A.R.D Bakery (aka Alison Dunlop) and architect Rekha Maker work in very different mediums but they are united by their love of colour and design. Striking up a conversation earlier this year, they decided to work together on a limited-edition design collaboration, in time for Christmas. The resultant product is a minimalist marbled (chocolate?) box filled with chocolate bon bons in the same marbled design to create a unified aesthetic. The sweet treats are to be enjoyed immediately and the box has a second life to house jewellery or trinkets. The bonbons are filled with salted caramel and hazelnut crunch, in a white chocolate shell.

Inspired by classic chocolate box packaging, they used this form as the reference point and replicated it in a pigmented marble-like material called Jesmonite. This geometry creates a minimalist box with a simple opening.

Alison and Rekha were inspired by each other’s approach. Rekha’s technique of casting Jesmonite could be replicated in chocolate. The marbled effect of both the chocolate bon bons and the Jesmonite box comes about from the liquid-into-solid process of casting, and the box and chocolates echo each other in their design.

The chocolate boxes are now available to pre-order for delivery in time for Christmas, act fast as there is a limited number!

Boxes will be dispatched no later than the 16th December.

These chocolates contain NUTS, GLUTEN, SOYA and DAIRY